World Water Day – 22//3/21

World Water Day – 22//3/21

World Water Day – 22nd March 21

To coincide with World Water Day, Dr Patrice Behan, College of Sciences & Health, and Alacoque McAlpine, College of Business hosted an event for staff and students, to raise awareness of the global water crisis and the role of everyone in achieving SDG6.

The theme of World Water day, this year was Value in Water.

  • Dr Conor Quinlan from the Environmental protection Agency (EAP) presented a very informative talk on ‘Water and Climate Adaptation – healthy catchments are resilient resources’ highlighting the need for bringing stakeholders together for integrated catchment management. Ecologically healthy, unpolluted catchments are robust and resilient catchments and can best provide the range of ecosystem services to meet our needs.
  • Linda Ball from the CEO of A Different Ballgame, a UK based brand who make sustainable clothing and accessories from recycled ocean waste spoke about the problems caused by plastic pollution in our oceans.  Linda described how her company in partnership with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, clean waste from the ocean including PET, PP, PA, metal, rubber, and glass, and how through innovative processing techniques they turn this plastic waste into yarn and eventually into clothing. Thereby, reducing plastic waste in our oceans and contributing to a circular economy
  • Dr Joe Brady gave an excellent informative presentation on ‘Valuing Water for a Sustainable Future in the Biopharmaceutical Industry’.  The importance of high-quality water as a raw material and the role of engineers in ensuring water is at the

    picture courtesy of a Different Ball Game

    required specification was highlighted.  The advantages and challenges of systems put in place by the biopharmaceutical industry, to save and value water in their processes, led to an interesting discussion during the Q & A session.

Students won prizes; accessories from a A Different Ballgame for the most innovative questions to the panel.

To increase awareness around the Value of Water Dr. Patrice Behan and  Alacoque McAlpine have also published an article on RTE Brainstorm called 5 ways for us to value water in our daily lives.